The Age of Discontent

Men, consider yourself cautioned about reading the information contained in the next sentence…….

It ain’t all about you.  I know, it’s hard to perceive that us mature ladies desire nothing above a good shagging from a big boy.  And I’ll admit there are times when it’s good medicine.  Other times, many other times, it’s not at the top of the list.  Sorry, boys.  I know you know we want it.  Except when we don’t.

What we really want you see, is to find and follow a passion.  We want contentment. We want fulfillment.  Problem is how to find it.  How to find the time to find it.  Once found, how to find the resources to fund it.  Maybe that’s where the man comes in?

Gotcha fellas.  Just joking.  Seriously.  We actually want to make it on our own.  I think.  I hope I’m speaking for the majority of women.  I can imagine nothing more satisfying than having a dream and working my ass off to realize it.  The architect of my own success.

Here’s the problem.  I’m in my 40’s, still not crystal clear on my passion, busy, busy, busy maintaining a job, two kids, a boyfriend. a home and a dog.  I can hardly plan for dinner let alone determine my passion and what steps to take toward it.  Scrubbing the toilet on the weekend I was pretty sure toilet scrubbing could be crossed off my passion list.  Truth is I know a lot of things I don’t want to do.  Like the job I’m currently doing for example.  It’s not my passion by a long shot.  So why the hell am I doing it?

For starters I fall into the mindset that it’s too late to become a defector.  I had my chance when I was young.  Missed that boat.  Now it’s all about scheduling and getting things done.  I’m a responsible woman after all.  What would become of my desirable lifestyle of selling my soul to make my money to spend on soulless stuff if I dumped everything to fulfill a passion?  And my RRSP ain’t printing it’s own money.

Cougar life is tough.  We may look all hot and desirable but guys, we have problems just like the rest of you.  I could sure use a distraction.  Care for a shag?



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