Portrayals of Older Women – Fiction

Middle-aged and Me

You could be forgiven for thinking that the middle-aged and older woman is a figment of the imagination, or an unfortunate fact that need not be acknowledged (or celebrated), in the arts.

I have been actively searched for portrayals of older women. There isn’t much to find.

Authors such as Anne Tyler and Elizabeth Berg do focus on the ‘plight’ of the not-so-young woman, often giving her centre stage.

I have just read Elizabeth Berg’s book Pull of the Moon (Random House, 2004), and liked it. A work of fiction, yes, but mostly believable. The woman in question, Nan, is 50, married to Martin, and has a grown-up daughter, Ruthie.

One day, Nan walks out of her life. She just drives away, and keeps driving. We follow her story through her diary and the daily letters to Martin.

There is something quite grown up about Nan, despite the apparently impetuous…

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