Daniel Craig Ate My Baby

You’ve probably already figured out that Daniel Craig did not eat my baby.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t feed the little devil just about anything he’d ask me for.  Hell, if he wanted to make a baby with me for the sole purpose of eating it there’s a good chance I’d agree.

If it wasn’t a baby he was after, Id’ be just as happy to sit down with him and have a tea and biscuit.

Or rather, watch him drink tea as I straddle him and shave his chest.

Then maybe crumble a biscuit on him and thoroughly clean that up.

I know you’re thinking that Daniel’s too old for me.  I’m thinking he’d be an acceptable exception to the cougar rule.  Besides, when he’s actually too old, period, they’ll switch him up for another James Bond, at which point I’ll be beyond periods and unable to get pregnant and offer Daniel any offspring anyway.



2 thoughts on “Daniel Craig Ate My Baby

  1. Short of cutting a limb off ,
    I do have some parameters, I am also available to have babies, feed babies, feed him, feed bits of myself to/with/for Daniel. And, just in case, I have obtained a free pass from my significant other

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