Chicks On Cars

I’m hoping that the majority of us do not need the frenzy of a high-profile rape case to understand that rape is wrong.  As is the message in all of the blog posts I’ve recently read, there is never an excuse for rape.  Ever.

What is the excuse for these vehicle ads?

Celebrating 60 years of Vespa women.
Yay Vespa?

The fine print reads: “You know you’re not the first.” It’s a print ad for BMW used cars. Where’s the car? Fucked if I know.

Women Cars Veronica Zemanova Mercedes-Benz Widescreen Mbz 1920×1080 HD Wallpaper

Time to get excited! There’s a naked woman in front of, perhaps at the mercy of, the powerful machine just feet from her.

The buck’s got to stop here, long before we get into the courtroom.  In these examples, we’ve got to stop viewing women as objects, commodities, bonuses, easily accessible in the face of (automotive) power.  I fear someone will come back at me with, “it’s a woman’s right to choose if she wishes to model with a car.  It doesn’t mean she is asking to be raped.”  I agree 100%.  She isn’t asking, nor does she ever deserve to be raped.  Never.

As a woman in western society though, I question why it is okay to begin with that we are asked to dumb it down, usually scantily, to sell to a male market.

Yet the inequality, the societal acceptance of this continues, sometimes on the grounds of “modelling” in such a fashion being a legitimate choice, one that represents women taking ownership of their bodies.  Is it ownership?  Really?  If it is, I’m failing to understand it.

Ownership to me might be a woman posing at the wheel of a fast car, fully dressed to face a regular day, with a business suit and a briefcase beside her, racing to work.  Hell, even a woman posing in the passenger seat with makeup and jewelry, in evening gown and high heels, heading to a night out with her date is a completely possible, real-life scenario.  I just don’t accept or understand the juxtaposition of a woman, often near naked, caressing a car or the seat of a bike, or posing suggestively with (or in place of) such an object.

She isn’t asking to be raped and she doesn’t deserve to be raped.  Ever.  She also doesn’t deserve the insult of being asked to strip down and project the image of being easily and willingly seduced by a fast-moving, sleek, impersonal object – largely marketed to men – that would run her over without a second (or emotional) thought, even if she were to put her hands out in front of her and yell “NO!”

Sound familiar?


11 thoughts on “Chicks On Cars

  1. Well, the problem is that cars are mostly marketed for men because that’s who is mostly interested in them. Advertisers know that men are so lustful and ignorant (a lot of them are, at any rate) that the image of a scantily glad woman will attract attention.

    The are two problems that I see. First, is that women keep agreeing to appear nearly naked in these ads. The second is that with women such as this in the ads, most men probably aren’t even looking that the cars in them.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but a scantily clad woman has never convinced me to by a product I don’t want. I like eye candy as much as anyone else, but it’s never going to convince me to do something I wouldn’t ordinarily do.

    As to rape, I have never, ever understood why it happens. I couldn’t imagine ever doing it and there is never EVER a justification for doing so. There’s no way to rationalize it. I don’t care if the woman is walking down the street naked and drunk off her ass, there’s no reason. Ever.

    I still maintain my position that any man convicted of sexual assualt she have his dick lopped off. Talk about a deterant.

    • Thanks for chiming in, Twindaddy. It’s great to hear a male perspective. Eye candy is available out there, but I agree there’s absolutely no reason to pair it with a product.

  2. Well said. The advertisers won’t stop using these images as long as these images continue to sell their products. That’s the sad reality.

    Half the time I don’t even know what product is actually being advertised in some of the “sexier” commercials. For example, I have no idea what David Beckham was selling in those ads in which he bared most of HIS tattooed and sculpted body, but I did enjoy the ads — I’ll admit that. Of course, I, a 5’5′ 140-lb. woman would be hard-pressed to overpower David Beckham. Most men, because they really are just physically stronger, would have no trouble overpowering most women.

    I love the “STOP” analogy. Brilliant!

    • Hey javaj, dead on about the power imbalance. Beckham is advertised as strong and sexy, women are advertised as skinny and longing (to do what pleases a man).

    • That’s the million dollar question, Green! As well as, how does that always bad idea get through all the other levels of approval to make it to print/media?

  3. Hi. I ditto twindaddy in most of his sentiments with regard to the car advertising. He is way too kind with the punishment to rapists. I would do the pour on honey and release the insects approach, all whilst the scum had his or her hands tied behind their backs so they couldn’t scratch.

  4. Love the comment that so many men are “lustful and ignorant” – just, a neat comment.

    Great post. Brave and right. I’ve never been exposed to any of these ads but yes, yes and yes, they have so little to do with the car (if anything). That “you know you’re not the first” is ridiculous.

  5. I would sincerely like to believe that real men are not fooled by these advertisements. However, I do believe that most men would not mind seeing it but it does not mean that they’ll actually buy the product because they know the women do not come with the product. I agree with 1st commentator: twindaddy on the fact that it is women who keep agreeing to appear in these said commercials. If they stop, I am sure the advertisers would have no choice but to stop as well. However, everyone (men & women) would like to make the $$. It’s the like models who appear at talks to discourage young women from idolising the media’s projection of beauty but they continue working in that industry/system.

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