What The Hell Is Going On?

Is anyone else finding the lock-down in Boston bizarre?  Bombs went off and people lost their lives and it’s horrible and terrifying and sad.  This circus that has followed is in a way more horrible and terrifying and sad.  Have we become people who applaud video game-styled tactical police, SWAT and FBI a thousand strong hunting down one man?  People who watch news that is grossly designed to peddle drama and play on our fears?  At around 11:30am, the media was showing live pictures of police standing on a street with some lights flashing.  The reporter filled air time with such statements as, “I would say that they are really trying to catch this guy.”  Are you fucking serious?

This hype is shameful.  The non-news being fed to us is nothing more than a carrot being dangled in front of hungry consumers of instant information, even when that information is banal and redundant.  It’s a show.  It got 100 times worse when they got their hands on the uncle of the suspects.  An open, shamed man was pelted with questions about ethnicity and family relationships.  He was willing to talk and they took advantage of him. Just when I thought it surely must end, another question would come.  Microphones were shoved in his face.  Questions were being asked simultaneously as if he was on a firing line.  His passionate defense was ignored to move onto the next question.  Sound bites were instantly put into captions running below the ongoing frenzy.  He was not treated as a proud American citizen.  He was treated like an animal in a zoo.  We, the curious onlookers.

Hate what happened in Boston, but as long as this pap of thousands of police vs. one suspect is aired hour after hour after hour and we give it our full attention, expect more disturbed individuals to want in on the show.



21 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Going On?

      • My problem is with the media …it feels like they glorify so much of this mayhem and propel the next loon into motion to grab the spotlight. I trust the authorities to be taking the right and necessary action with these little rat bastards but the media just asks the most inane questions, makes the most embarrassing statements…the 24/7 news cycle has done the world in favors.

  1. Excellent excellent words.

    I have no idea of this uncle or the lockdown here in Australia – not getting that kind of news. But as that is what is happening, I agree with you ABSOLUTELY it is a shame and a game. It’s a frenzy – no thought, just kneejerk reaction; same kind of reactions when playing video games with SWAT teams etc the feature of them.

    Really great, this perspective not commonly seen by the world. Cheers.

    • Hello Words,
      I’m in Canada and we get all the U.S. news. In fact it often gets featured ahead of our own. This Boston situation has taken it to a whole new level. It’s being described on our national radio station as “a heavy news day.” Um, yeah. I guess when you shut down a CITY and have thousands of armed human beings on a manhunt “heavy” could describe it.
      Nice to hear from you!

  2. Oh, den mother, what are we to do? I’ve been at work all day and saw the news for a few moments. I do applaud the fast and furious work of the police, FBI and detectives in pulling the descriptions and getting them so quick. What absolutely disgusts me is the ages and normalcy of these a-holes. College students planning a kill is awful. I think it’s time to take the easiness out of making, buying, and using weapons, the availability, etc. and let em do drugs to take care of themselves … you know I’m being humorous here. I’d rather see a good old bar brawl amongst themselves than this tragedy. In other news, my coworkers house was looted, as in everything taken while she was at work.
    Have a nice weekend, me. 😉

    • I think it’s great that they figured it out quickly, but the immense taking up of arms is disturbing. To some it would seem thrilling. It freaks me out. We’re creating something that’s not going to end well.
      Hope they catch the looters!

      • Den mother … I just had to come back and reply further. So later I saw the finality of the lock down day. Poor bastard got caught, wtf. I’m so distraught over watching this, something that should have never happened. My opinion is that the media did good and the president gave a humbling, low key speech when the last guy was caught. His eyes were swollen, from apparent crying, and I give him credit for finding them so quick. One thing about Obama, he wastes no time, he’s a class act.
        The other thing I want to comment on is about social media and its reaction. In the heat of it all ..it’s better that the library was spoken about as a possible fire/bomb than not to be said. I’d rather have social media have an extra tidbit and be wrong than nothing and people not be for-warned that could have. That’s a minor inconvenience. I still can’t believe how fast they caught them.
        The dude that had a three year old, well, that’s fairly unbelievable he could commit such an act with a baby/toddler at home. Very cruel.
        Okay, sorry … had to come back and comment.

  3. Thank you for the thought provoking post.

    I know 3 things about this: it happened, one perp is dead, the other is caught. I don’t do tv, especially news except for traffic reports. Call me blissfully ignorant and that may be a bad thing but I refuse to feed the media trolls. Have you ever heard the song, Dirty Laundry? It happens every effing day.

    I do understand the urgency. These people were throwing bombs out of the high jacked car, from what I’ve been told. I’m glad they caught the second guy, but won’t be watching on tv.

  4. Terrorism happens every day in Iraq, in Syria, in Pakistan, in Burna. Something like half a million children have been killed in Iraq since 2003. Don’t these other children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers also deserve someone to be on their side? Just a bit of attention so that someone in the world might try and help?

    The situation in Boston was terrible, a damn shame really, and my heart does go out to the friends and family affected. But I also think the media need to expand their horizons and start DOING THEIR JOBS to inform us of the other atrocities that occur every day in the world. Watching the same inane footage on repeat for 2 days may have just driven me insane!

    • The unbalance in reporting is evident. Two days devoted to repeat footage of nothing happening is wasteful. It’s too bad about what makes “news” these days.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more! It amazes me that our 24/7 media gurus’ are blind to what they have created for attention-starved lunatics. Lots of people in our world are looking for their 15 minutes of fame and the media giants are giving it to them. Just think what could have happened if one of the Boston Bombers had gotton away. Many years from now he could pull up re-runs on youtube and brag to his son, “Yeah, back in the day son I was a real world shaker. That’s me right there on that screen planting a bomb. I was famous back then!”
    Of course, I have to remember why the reporters do what they do…they want their 15 minutes of fame also. OMG!!!!

  6. Frankly, this is to me a “lynch media mob” mentality and we are becoming the eager supporters by buying into this crazy media baloney. The way the media is running the world’s information pipelines is creating more “tunnel vision” than “widening” our minds or “opening” our eyes. There are terrible things that occur every single day in each part of the world. Hate is breeding more hatred, greed spawning more greediness, societies becoming displaced and callous…this is the real tragedy…the degeneration of our communities as a whole.

  7. I’m not sure which is more sad…the endless coverage or the fact that people are watching it. Face it. If people weren’t watching it they wouldn’t do it. I’m disgusted by the coverage, too. Yes, it’s news and we should be informed but there’s no sense in glorifying these acts of terror as they have done.

      • I don’t see it happening. As long as people are watching, they’re going to show it so they can rake in the cash from the advertisers, who are going to demand that their ads be shown while people are watching. The media knows that inducing terror is going to get people to watch. The majority of people are like puppets and dance to the tune. I just flip that shit off once I have the information I need. It’s all superfluous and idiotic anyhow. What news I get I normally get from the internet.

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