This post is a special shout out to the one person who, according to our all time blog stats, checked us out from Mauritania.  Thank you, Mauritanian.

I don’t actually know where Mauritania is geographically.  I didn’t even know there was a place on our planet with this name, let alone one important enough to, mention as the place of origin from where one observer took the time to check out HEY BEERGUT!!

I’m wondering if they drink beer in Mauritania, if men age into beer bellies, and how women, particularly 40+ ones are viewed in that country/region/city/town/neighbourhood/bus stop.  I wonder why this Mauritanian has not been back for a second visit and if it was simply that the content didn’t speak to the mystery man/woman from Mauritania.  What does one write for this crowd?  I wonder if we were to run a feature post on say Maury Povich (a Mauritanian?), the subject would be of more interest to the Mauritani, which I assume is the plural for the people of Mauritania.

Readers, give it your best shot.  No Googling or mapquesting, but by just using the map in your mind, tell us, where on Earth is Mauritania?


13 thoughts on “Sorry…Where?

  1. Okay, no lookey here. Umm, I’ve heard of Listhuania(airline or place ??) so it’s a uania and maura is a name so someplace spanish like mixed in with latin. Okay, my guess is somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea to the westside(Europe or Africa), not Italy and not Middle East.

  2. I know it is somewhere in Africa but not for sure where and I only know this because my 5 year old nephew is a genius and knows where every country on earth is and was more than a tad disappointed when I couldn’t find Mauritania on a map. Wish I were kidding. And after all that, I still don’t know.

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