Debut – Friday Fictioneers June 14/13

Friday Fictioneers is sponsored by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  The idea is to write a 100 word story with a beginning, middle and end based on the photo prompt.

Photo copyright: John Nixon

Copyright -John Nixon


(100 words)

It’s all good.  It’s all good.

He kept his eyes shut tight while repeating this affirmation.

The sensation grew.

The crinoline pants were uncomfortable pushed up against his groin.

He wriggled slightly to try to satisfy the itch.

This just made it more pronounced.

He could reach no further than the rubber ring that kept his upper half outside of the piano.

Be professional.

Sweat formed on his brow.

Do not screw this up!

The music kicked in.  Seven minutes until the end of the scene.

Oh, for the love of some talcum powder.

Broadway was rapidly losing its shine.


34 thoughts on “Debut – Friday Fictioneers June 14/13

  1. 🙂 You’re so clever. And love the photo!

    Can’t believe how long it’s been since I came around. I don’t know what’s happened with the time. Just get overwhelmed sometimes, you know… Love your stuff still though 🙂

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