Bob – Friday Fictioneers, Sept. 20/13

Friday Fictioneers is sponsored by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  The idea is to write a 100 word story with a beginning, middle and end based on the photo prompt.

Photo copyright: John Nixon

Copyright - John Nixon


(100 words)

“Have you seen my wife?” he yells to the clerk.

The clerk squints toward the figure in the sunlit door.  “Not sure.  What does she look like?”

“About yay big,” he levels his cane just above his head.  “Beautiful blonde hair and deep brown eyes.”

“Sounds vaguely familiar.  What was she wearing?”

“White dress, heels.  She don’t move too fast, but I’m a patient guy.”

“Her name?”

“Mary,” he says with a wink.

“Bob,” the clerk giggles, “if I were thirty years older I’d strip that mannequin of her dress and marry you myself.

Bob grins.  “See you tomorrow, Beth.”


12 thoughts on “Bob – Friday Fictioneers, Sept. 20/13

  1. You caught me right away with that first sentence — talk about attention grabbing! And the rest of your story flows along so smoothly, I felt like I was standing next to Bob and Beth and scratching my head wondering about poor Bob’s wife. Too bad Beth isn’t 30 years older… does she have a single mother?

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