Yay! I’m Another Year Older

Well, it would seem that my birthday is not shared with any real A-list celebrities.  I will give a shout out to Meat Loaf who turns 66 today and I thank him for Bat Out of Hell, which shaped my formative years.  Shaun Cassidy, a bit of a stretch.  I know he had his day but he’s always been a little too… pretty…. to gain my adoration.  He’s in his 50’s and hopefully out there riding a hippie bus somewhere.  Avril Lavigne has taken a dive at 29.  Who marries a Nickelbacker anyway?  And a Nickelbacker named Chad?  Honestly.  Where is good judgement in the kids these days?

My good judgement went out the window last night when I went for a quick drink after work and ended up leaving the bar about 6 hours later.  Three cougars and an Irish Newfie walk into a bar….  It ended about how you think it might.

So as I sip my second cup of tea and reflect on getting one magical year older, I crank up that go-to love song that is Paradise By the Dashboard Light and decide I just have to keep rockin’ on!


4 thoughts on “Yay! I’m Another Year Older

  1. Another year older and that much wittier, I am sure, Denmother. Happy birthday to you (and Mr. Loaf, as the New York Times refers to the drama rocker of our generation on second reference). I’d say have one for us bloggers, but it appears you went and accomplished that last night. Cheers and keep on entertaining us all.

      • Indeed I did, Denmother. I remember the first time I heard ‘Bat Out of Hell,’ in a bar called the Mad Hatter of Stony Brook. I had to find out who was rocking out on that song because I thought it sounded like a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. And that was high praise from a teenager home from college sitting in a bar on Long Island.

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