Thank You and Goodnight, Lou

By all accounts he was a crotchety guy, but who cares when you make music like he made music.  For the past while, my cousin had been heading up his touring band, prepping the set lists and keeping the stage show tight.  Due to this, I had the opportunity to meet the man, quite unexpectedly, after a concert in none other than New York.

I flew in for  a show in the meatpacking district.  After watching my cousin perform with one of his all time musical heroes, we stumbled along the streets of New York with the band and ended up eating goulash in a small and cozy restaurant reserved by Lou himself.

It was here in my somewhat drunken ecstatic state that I got up the nerve to saunter over to Lou and request a photo.  My cousin was across the table dying of embarrassment because he had clearly advised me that “Lou doesn’t like having pictures taken.”  My sweet-talking angle was to blurb to Lou how wonderful my cousin was and to assure Lou that he hadn’t done too badly himself.

Yeah, how about another round, Denmother?

Anywho, Lou distinctly grunted at me and in my mom voice I scolded “oh don’t grunt, Lou” and promptly nestled in for a picture.  Naturally he was smitten with me.  I mean, what’s not to be attracted to there?

Actually, I do believe stunning him with my complete idiocy is what scored me the photo. Like a deer in headlights.

RIP Lou Reed.  You made many a day perfect.


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