It’s Coming

We’re thinking that it’s almost time for some BIG love here in The Den.  Just around the corner, our cougar national holiday awaits.  Oh yes, that fabulous red, smoochy, tacky, ruffly, sweet and sticky day.  The day of the valentine, otherwise known as the day of:




This is a day where we all show and share love with our blogging squeezes, old and just met.  We visit and stay for a good time, not a long time.  We canoodle in the Like mosh-pit, sidle up to delightful avatars, cyber-squeeze, share some good vibes and celebrate.  Like this:


or this:


but definitely not like this:


This year, with the freakish amount of followers we have amassed – and all robots are most welcome because they probably need the most love – even if 3% of you drop by for some serious liking, we will have enough warm bodies to kick this event into high gear.  And by high gear, we mean lining up lots of pretty thumbnails and throwing the WordPress “like” meter into fibrillation.

We host this event at The Den, but the success is a collective one, an opportunity for us all to like each other, just because.


From One Avatar to Another

On February 14th, drop in and engulf yourself in our circle of like, experience some much deserved positive energy, passionately push that like button, and we’ll like you right back.


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