“De Plane! De Plane!”

Hopefully for our readership in and around the 40 year old demographic the title should be a no brainer.  For our young, hip followers who have no idea what the title means well, I hate to tell you you’re not quite as hip as you think are.  Correction, you’re not quite as hip as we were at your age.  Actually, TV over all is less hip.  It’s not your fault.  We still adore your young, lithe, wrinkle-free bodies you.

Anyway, we’re now into February, the most important month on the Cougar calendar.  It’s a time when we reflect on our most awesome 40+ lives where we’ve perfected desirable grown up lady skills like cleaning a kitchen, dropping kids off and picking them up, cruising through the everyday mostly aging and invisible undetected but magically keeping everyone and everything together.  Raised on shows like “Fantasy Island,” we’re living the lives we were promised, where a man with an accent is always waiting for us with open arms, amazing relationship advice and cocktails.  Or – and only because we don’t live on a tropical island – a man with a slur is always waiting on a bar stool with open legs and bad lines offering to watch us sip our cocktails from a straw wedged in between our boobs.

It’s our fantasy island

We want to share the fantasy with you.  De plane will be landing here at the Cougar Den on February 14.  Hop on board.  We want to spread the like vibe and offer you a moment’s retreat from your own awesome lives to pile on some more awesome.  We want to be a collective awesome.  The success of the event depends on your participation.

Speaking of participation, we’ve decided that this year, to bring everyone together in a more intimate way we’re organizing….


We’re dying for an excuse to get closer and check you out and we’re dying to introduce others to your loving (or not so loving) feeling.  On February 14th when you drop in to the Cougar Den for some like, we invite you to either:

1. Link back to your blog in the comment section with a post titled “Groovy or Grumpy” in which you tell us in 10 words or less how you feel about Valentine’s Day,


2.  Put your 10 words or less right in the comments section and just pray that other visitors are so intrigued by your word-crafting ability that they are compelled to click on your gorgeous avatar and visit your site.

Give your old and new readers a  glimpse into your avatar’s heart.  Are you sentimental, humourous, angry, jaded, deep, shallow, a big pile of red goo?  The cougars will check out each link/comment and using good judgement, declare a Cougar Den 2nd Annual Valentine Like-in winner!  Your prize (not to mention all the visitors to your site) will consist of juicy cyber Margaritas and a blog post on Hey Beergut!! dedicated to reprinting and psychoanalyzing your ten words and inviting others to chime in with their thoughts.  We will figure you out.  Our on-line collective analyzing skills are safe and credible just like everything on the internet.  All for free, simply for joining in.

Get thinking everyone.  Dig deep and then cut and edit the hell out of your feelings and give us those 10 splashy, award winning words on February 14th.  The countdown is on to another fabulous Valentine’s Day.

In the infamous words of Mr. Roarke:  “Smiles everyone, smiles!”


Hit it....

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