The jury might still be out on whether Anthony Kiedis should have worn a shirt at the half-time show…

but I’m going to stick with the message on this one.


Less than a week to go before we ask you to join us in giving away (and receiving) good vibes and a whole lot of like.  Not only are Helen and I giving away batches of like, we’re also giving you a prize.  Yes, you who wow us with your thoughts on Valentine’s Day.  Do you dig it or ditch it?  On February 14th when you drop by for the party and like-in, we’d also like you to:

1. Link back to your blog in the comment section with a post titled “Groovy or Grumpy” in which you tell us in 10 words or less how you feel about Valentine’s Day,


2.  Put your 10 words or less right in the comments section and just pray that other visitors are so intrigued by your word-crafting ability that they are compelled to click on your gorgeous avatar and visit your site.

We’ll read them all and determine who summed up their feelings best.  That blogger will be featured right here at the Cougar Den and their words atypically immortalized on the web.

You just can’t buy that kind of notoriety.

We’ll spend some dedicated time drinking wine and figuring you out, and invite our readers to do the same.  Think of it as totally free, expert armchair therapy delivered by one huge, collective brain.

Grab some scrap paper and start stringing your words together.  It’s gonna be fun!!!



7 thoughts on “Giveitawaygiveitawaygiveitawaynow

    • We’d be disappointed if you didn’t at least swing by for some like on the 14th, Hook. Let us help you through your mid-life crisis with a good old cyber hug. Contest participation is optional. Plus, I think we’ve got you all figured out…

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