The L.A. Post

20140220_123409_resizedMan, I love L.A.  I arrived to this at my brother’s place:



That’s just how he rolls and I was happy to roll with it.  Hell, it’s L.A.

20140223_205455_resizedBono in the parking garage.

Yes, that was just one of the unpredictable things that happened during the week.  More amazing was that I didn’t jump out of the truck and ask him touch me.  Why was I so stunned?  I guess part of it was the fact that one of his four security guys simply held out his hand to the only vehicle looking to exit (ours) so that Bono could cross to the elevators.  There is no such thing as waiting in Bono’s world.  Almost as stunning is that there were a half-dozen people in the parking garage with something U2ish ready to get his autograph.  They must be career star-stalkers.  Now I’m kinda proud that I didn’t include myself among them.  Kinda.  It will have to be enough that as I looked out over the valley that evening, I thought about Bono being out there somewhere eating breaded eggs or deep-fried something and breathing the same air as me.  Nice.

20140220_175712_resizedThings were kicking up into high gear on Hollywood Blvd. while I was there.  The Oscar’s are happening this weekend and bleachers are being built, the masses are amassing.  This is not lost on the locals who can’t really be blamed for trying to make some coin.  However, the means of going about this just about sent me into a deep depression.  There are costumed folk all around Grauman’s Chinese Theatre looking to get paid to have a picture snapped with non-discerning tourists.  There were a couple of versions of Mickey Mouse that could only be described as unfortunate SARS survivors:

20140224_124421_resizedHere’s Mr. Beergut Muscles:

20140224_124540_resizedQuick, who’s this photo of?

20140224_124605_resizedAnd this?

20140224_130103_resizedI’m not sure either.  But people were paying to stand with them.  Not me.  I just took free photographs.  Crummy, but free.

On the Saturday that I was there, my brother’s gay neighbours invited us over to their afternoon gay party.  I’ve never been at an event with 50 men, laughing and dancing, all shirtless and buff and gay.  Okay, I’m lying about the types of events I have attended – except for the gay part.  Let’s just say I was the only woman there and my bro was the only guy in jeans and a shirt.  We were quickly outed as the only straight people there and promptly offered ecstasy.


Our last night out (as I had long since consumed the food five beers in my brother’s fridge) was to the Laurel Canyon Country Store which houses an amazing restaurant named Pace.  This landmark is where the likes of the Doors, Charlie Chaplin, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few, have all been known to have hung out.  The whole look and feel of the place serves to take you back in time, yet you can eat awesome, contemporary creations in the funky restaurant.

I’ll say it again.  I love this city!  As soon as I get over my plane flu, I’ll start planning a return trip.  I’ll expect I’ll probably have to take the kids and The Man next time.  Better tell my brother to stock up with a twelve-pack.


Are you sitting down?

It wasn’t just because she was the first one to the party (and thank you for kicking things off), but it was because of her masterful and compelling words and accompanying post that we have to announce RARASAUR as the winner of our Cougar Den Valentine’s Day Like-in ten words or less challenge.

We know the day has come and gone and people have moved on and are going about their daily lives, counting down to the next day of love.  If you want to plan more effectively though, you might want to hear what rarasaur proposes here.  Can we create love by forbidding love?  It’s up to each of you to decide….

Thanks for the love from all who participated in the like-in.  We don’t shy away from oodles of like, but it could be fascinating to see what would happen if we hosted a dis-like-in, right rar?