Are you sitting down?

It wasn’t just because she was the first one to the party (and thank you for kicking things off), but it was because of her masterful and compelling words and accompanying post that we have to announce RARASAUR as the winner of our Cougar Den Valentine’s Day Like-in ten words or less challenge.

We know the day has come and gone and people have moved on and are going about their daily lives, counting down to the next day of love.  If you want to plan more effectively though, you might want to hear what rarasaur proposes here.  Can we create love by forbidding love?  It’s up to each of you to decide….

Thanks for the love from all who participated in the like-in.  We don’t shy away from oodles of like, but it could be fascinating to see what would happen if we hosted a dis-like-in, right rar?


The. Best. Valentine’s. Event. In. Wordpress. History. So Far. Ever.

So, we’re busy cleaning up here in The Den for our little gathering on Valentine’s Day a.k.a:


Pillow slips are being washed (from last year) and pillows fluffed.

We’re warming up the lava lamps and selecting various sticks of incense.


C’mon C’mon

We’re working on some special appetizer recipes and encourage social nibbling.  We want you to leave with good food in your belly and warm feelings in your… heart.

In celebration of hosting this fabulous event for the second time on our cougar national holiday, Valentine’s Day, we’re adding something a little extra special.  A mingler.  Oh yes, we want to get to know you better.  We want others to get to know you better.  Does love make you tick – or ticked off – fellow blogger?

Friends, friends-to-be, wanna-be-friends, former friends, friends with benefits, friends of friends, not real life friends but community friends, we invite you all to come and share some blogging love, and a few words about YOU.  Details to follow in our next countdown post.  Stay tuned and tune in.

The like-in countdown is on!!

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