Welcome to the Cougar Den

Wondering if you belong? Yep, ya do.

Are you female, 40+, wondering how you are both seen and not seen in today’s society at large and within your own intimate relationships?

Are you female, 20 something, wondering why cougars hate your sweet, firm little boobs and asses while you stand on the street corner waiting for the light to change, doing nothing but being 20 something, (and getting all the attention)?

Are you male, 20 something, wondering what getting with a cougar is like and how you’re gonna get some without ever letting your friends find out you banged Mrs Robinson?

Are you male, 40+, looking through the cougar to the firm 20+ ass, calculating how you’re gonna rub your swollen beer gut up against her, and turn her on like she’s never been turned on before?

We’ve got all your answers here, and questions you probably never thought of  (especially if you are 20 something, or male). We are here to figure it all out by giving you the information you need to know, delivered through the lens of mature women LIVING THE DREAM of being a middle aged female in our oh-so-forgiving society.



43 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for swinging past my blog. I can see I’m going to enjoy reading yours. Life’s a trip ain’t it? I’ve decided to be 40 something and highly visible with the 20 years olds envying me. Boobs and wisdom, what a heady combination!

  2. Den Mother,
    Because I’m here for the first time, I think, but I’m senile, so I could easily be wrong, and if I am, there’s no one else to blame but you as you have invited me here, I’d like to share something with you: I was that young twenty something way back that had only eyes for cougars. Yes, that was me. Now, I’m older, and this is where the story ends.
    Le Clown

    • Le Clown,
      I would like to make it this blog’s mission in life to reignite your passion for cougars and suggest that older and senile could still be a turn on for some cougars if you have lots of money. Please make lots of money and keep reading. There’s always room in the den for a man with makeup. Au contraire my dear Le Clown, this is where the story begins.

    • Hmm. I really had no idea this was also the male experience. It feels like there are more positive representations of visible older men than women, that it is much easier to “age” as a man and retain your desirability or relevance. Good to know men can relate. Maybe it is time to embrace your “mantherhood” as we embrace the cougar? 😉

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  6. I know exactly how it feels not to be seen and even if they can see you, they are too afraid to go near you – welcome to my world, Asian single mother living in Malaysia. It;s equivalent to being a ghost. Love this site! Makes my “ghostly blues” go away 🙂

  7. Although the bod is 66 today, I feel like a 20-something and can still remember being one and servicing (written advisedly) cougar=aged women back in my day. I will testify that a brain above the neckline usually adds to the pleasure of what works from there on down. Those “little girls” of college-age were starters, but real satisfaction comes from the Cougars. Even Jagger & company most likely found that out, too, after they put on a few years after “Satisfaction.”

      • Heehee … I’m always surprised when someone will write me calling me dude, or write of me in their post and mentioned the new guy who writes about history … 🙂 I love it!

  8. Ha, the thought of resting my beergut on some 20 something’s tramp stamp and even pretending I could satisfy her is making me spit my beer out all over my toddler. I’m pretty happy with my late 30’s wife, so if your blog can help me keep/love/sex her better, I’m game!

  9. Thank you for this in the blogoshere! I am 46 – and often feel the 40’s for women is ‘forgotten’ especially when I go to buy clothes. I am not a soccer mom, a PTA mom, or a nurse. Thus…I inappropriately shop in the ‘teen’ section where all the COLOR and LIFE lives. Needless to say, I keep my jeans and t-shirts and eventually hit up the Goodwill. Rock on sister.

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